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5 Men's Jean Short Outfits for Summer
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5 Men's Jean Short Outfits for Summer

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There’s no doubt that jean shorts are the all-day staple for men’s summer fashion.

Despite their appeal, jean shorts have run through the cycle of fashion opinion. First, it was a working-class uniform, then a symbol of anti-authority. This summer, they’re a must-have in your wardrobe. Read on to discover five men’s jean short outfits and how to style them. Plus, we’ll share our community insights on fit, wash, and denim care. 

How to Choose the Right Jean Short

The right pair of jeans shorts for you will define how you look and feel. When searching for the supreme short, there are four key features to look for: 

  • Fit   Fit is everything. For comfort, opt for a wide outseam for a relaxed silhouette. For a svelte fit, choose a short that offers less length between the waist and thigh.
  • Length The ideal length is determined by how tall you are. Different lengths can completely change the energy of your outfit. (Ever pull on a pair of shorts that fell too far below the knee? Then you know what we mean.) While personal preference reigns supreme, between 1”–4” above the knee is often the sweet spot. 
  • Inseam Don’t confuse the two—Length and inseam are not the same. The inseam is the inner measurement of jean shorts from crotch to hem. While inseam contributes to length, it’s especially important for comfort and motility.
  • Style – Denim style tailors a simple summer fit to your tastes. Consider what your wardrobe is lacking and replenish your favorites. 

Jean Shorts Fabric Options

Jean shorts come in a variety of washes and fabrics. Each unique wash impacts how you discern which top to pair with your denim. Four common washes offer up some summer-style inspiration: 

  • Rinse wash usually involves one rinse to remove excess indigo but maintain dark hues
  • Stonewash utilizes pumice stones to produce faded and distressed denim looks
  • Acid wash pre-soaks pumice stones in acid to create a high contrast, snow-white effect
  • Bleach wash generates a softer contrast by painting denim for a light-washed look

In addition to wash, lightweight, breathable fabrics are essential to your sartorial summer arsenal. This season can be busy and unpredictable. 

5 Jean Short Outfits for Men

The perfect jean shorts won’t leave you guessing how to dress in the morning. When you stock up on classic staples and diverse denim, stylish on-the-go looks are at your fingertips. Here are our five favorite shirt and denim pairings at a glance:

Look 1: Oversize It

Pair jean shorts with an oversized tee for a relaxed look. Our community favorite is a combination of distressed shorts with a white tee. This look turns a classic top on its head by adding more edge.

Our Allover Frayed Denim Shorts feature exposed raw seams throughout for an unfinished, industrial feel.

Look 2: Try a Top Layer

Layering up over your tee and shorts offers added dimension and texture to a casual look. Try paired-down shorts with a simple raw hem underneath a washed black hoodie. We offer unique men’s shorts styles that can mix and match with many tops.

Frayed Denim Shorts are the perfect blank canvas for a printed hoodie or graphic tee.

Look 3: Denim On Denim 

Double down on your denim to enhance this fabric’s appeal. Pair your jean shorts with a matching denim jacket in the same wash. A black-on-black denim ensemble over a white tee offers an elevated, stylish look.

Our R118 Denim Shorts feature a vintage wash, a work pant fit, and contrast paneling. These shorts add a touch of character to a coordinated outfit.

Look 4: Make it Monochrome

A monochromatic look is the antidote for every morning you hit snooze. Keep it simple by pairing black or blue denim with tops in the same color.

The Mojave Denim Shorts in black or vintage blue is a no-brainer addition to your favorite tee. Stud jewel details on the outseam add flare.

Look 5: Cool Color Blocks 

Color block your denim with vibrant, contrasting tees. Varying shades of the same color create a paint palette effect. Or pair a neutral color with a bold shade for more subtlety. 

Our Frayed Denim Shorts in green coupled with a colored tee is a great example, adding an unconventional option to your blue jean basics.

Maintaining and Caring for Jean Shorts

Maintenance and care can increase the longevity of your jean shorts season after season. The first step to denim care is how you wash them:

  • Less is more – Wash your jeans when needed—that is, when they feel dirty or stained. Otherwise, put a few wears in between your jeans and the washing machine. Less frequent washing maintains hue and eases up on regular wear and tear.
  • Take a gentle approach Opt for a gentle cycle to preserve shape. Cold water and mild detergent minimize shrinking and fading. 
  • The dirty details Wash jeans inside out and by themselves. This method protects the fibers from friction and fraying and reduces direct exposure to detergent. Separate washes prevent fading and color bleeding from other clothes.
  • Drying your jean shorts Direct and high heat increases shrinkage and can even leave behind a yellow hue. Instead, choose a low, or no heat cycle. But the best method for drying jeans is air drying. Remove jeans when they’re still damp and stretch the seams to prevent wrinkles. Hang to dry.

Storing your denim depends on your closet space and how you catalog your clothes. Here are a few methods to maintain your jean shorts after you wash them: 

  • File Fold Fold your jeans in half lengthwise. Grab the bottom and bring the hem to the waistband. Repeat, folding from the bottom. For less creasing, opt out of folding a second time. 
  • S hooks Hang your shorts with S hooks for easy access to your summer staples. This technique is ideal for air drying and line-free denim. 
  • Color Coordination Color coordinating your jean shorts makes daily dressing instantaneous. Catalog by wash or hue, or whichever system is most intuitive for you.  

Secure Your Summer Denim Stables With mnml

Summer is a hot and hustling time of year. Curating your jean short collection for style and comfort is key. Build on your basics and add a few trend-forward pieces to keep your wardrobe versatile and fashionable. 

With mnml you can secure all your denim summer staples. Shop quality pieces that you’ll pull out season after season. The perfect denim shorts that won’t break the bank are the ultimate addition to your collection.