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Men's Summer Fashion Outfit Ideas for 2024
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Men's Summer Fashion Outfit Ideas for 2024

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When it comes to men's summer fashion, you want to stay cool without sacrificing style. Knowing how to style an oversized shirt with the right accessories and bottoms can keep you on trend. Get inspired by 5 summer outfits with essential items that are wearable year-round. 

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Men's Summer Outfits: How to Dress for Hot Weather

From fabric choices to colors and occasion-appropriate attire, learn how to curate the ideal summer wardrobe that combines comfort and streetwear style.

Consider Fabric Type

In the summer heat, breathable fabrics are essential. Wearing cotton and linen are common during this season. Shop basic tops made of 100% cotton and are relaxed fit that are ideal for a hot day. 

Try New Colors and Prints

You can also experiment with vibrant colors and unique prints. Explore overshirts in houndstooth or paisley that are standout pieces. If you want to elevate your collared shirts, try a bold-colored jersey. There’s a lot of opportunity to style unique shirts fit for summer.

Dress for the Occasion

Whether you're hitting the beach or a weekend brunch, your summer wardrobe should suit various settings. If you’re on vacation, we offer versatile button up shirts and shorts that look good at a semi-formal dinner and the pool. 

2024 Men's Summer Fashion Trends

How do you embrace new trends while staying true to classic aesthetics? This season offers a blend of innovation and timeless style. Discover 5 outfit ideas tailored for various summer settings. 

Casual Day Out

For a laid-back summer day, consider wearing an oversized shirt paired with sweatshorts. Add some high top sneakers to round off this relaxed look. Our range of short sleeve shirts include tees, button ups, and vests that last beyond summer.

Beach Day

The beach or a tropical destination are synonymous with summer. A printed shirt with swim shorts adds a sense of vibrancy. Enjoy relaxed fit clothing styles to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Smart Casual

For those outings that require finesse, consider a polo shirt coupled with flared denim shorts. Throw in a pair of loafers to polish the look. This outfit works great for a brunch or a daytime event where you want to look put-together, but not overly formal.

Evening Out

A linen shirt paired with chino pants is a classic ensemble. Add accessories like a studded belt or double chain to personalize the outfit. Explore various styles and fits at mnml to reimagine new outfits.

Outdoor Event

For an outdoor event, such as a barbecue or a summer festival, try a loose shirt paired with cargo shorts. Finish the look with some durable boots or sporty sneakers to keep you comfortable.

Affordable and Versatile Styles Year-Round

When it comes to men’s summer fashion, mnml delivers quality, affordability, and consistency. From the breathable comfort of our button shirts to unique button ups and trousers, mnml is your go-to for fresh finds.