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5 Men’s Shorts Styles for Spring/Summer
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5 Men’s Shorts Styles for Spring/Summer

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The sun is coming out, and the weather is warming up. It’s time for your shorts to come out of hibernation.

If you don’t think of men’s shorts as the most stylish section of your wardrobe, you’re not alone. Shorts often get the short end of the stick, only being drafted for the gym or the beach.

But when you know what you’re doing, you can incorporate shorts into your personal fashion. We’re here to help; check out these five men’s shorts styles and how to wear them.

1. Cargo Shorts

Are cargo shorts in style? Yes, they are and there’s many ways to style them. These versatile shorts are convenient with multi-pocket features to keep your important belongings on hand.

The trick to making cargo shorts work is avoiding the old-school, past-the-knee khaki shorts. Instead, go for a modern take by combining camo distressed cargo shorts with a black graphic sweater or tee.

Or, you can lean hypermodern with a techwear-inspired look, taking these active olive cargo shorts as your base and finishing the look with an off-white tee and a matching vest.

2. Chino Shorts

Chino shorts, just like their pant counterparts, are the jack-of-all-trades of spring and summer. The chino short brings a level of sophistication that most other casual shorts can’t, making them ideal for any occasion, including:

  • An outdoor event
  • A ball game
  • A patio date

For a spring look, pair some khaki chino shorts with a thin, solid-color sweater or long sleeve. In the summer, swap the sleeves for a patterned white short sleeve button-up shirt. Across seasons, loafers can polish the look.

Prefer to stay away from beige shorts? Opt for black chino shorts instead, then add the matching cropped woven shirt and some sunglasses for a timeless black-on-black look.

3. Athletic Shorts and Sweatshorts

One of the most defining clothing trends of this century has been athleisure. Wearing activewear outside of the gym has become so normalized that by 2019, GQ was announcing that athleisure had gone high fashion. This trend has made hoodies with shorts street-ready.

Sweatshorts are the perfect middle-of-the-road choice. Throw on some gray sweatshorts with an understated graphic tee, a hat, and basketball shoes, and you look put together anywhere. 

If you just want to look ready for the sports field, throw on these blue summer shorts with a simple white tee and sneakers instead.

4. Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are an all-time spring and summer favorite, and for a reason: They’re practically foolproof. Just about any top goes with jean shorts, whether they’re blue, black, or in between.

That said, we’re after men’s shorts styles that look good—not just ones that go together. So, for something more special, try these Mojave denim shorts in vintage blue with a faded black tee and your favorite white sneakers.

And if you want to make a statement, jean shorts can do that, too. Try these allover frayed blue denim shorts and finish with a graphic tee and black-and-white basketball shoes.

Of course, denim shorts don’t have to be jeans-blue, either. For a pop of color in the spring, reach for some frayed green denim shorts with the matching jean jacket and a long white tee underneath.

5. Printed Shorts

Most of the time, shorts are a plain, blank canvas for your choice of shirt. But if you’d rather draw attention to your bottom half, there’s a whole host of patterned shorts to explore, such as:

Whenever you’re experimenting with printed shorts, the goal is to balance the look. For example, if you have black paisley knit shorts, a simple, solid-color tee or short-sleeve button-up is your best option.

How to Choose the Right Men’s Shorts Style

From cargos to chinos and everything in between, there’s an endless sea of shorts. How do you decide on the men’s style with shorts that’s best for you?

As you browse the aisles and the internet for options, there are three main variables to consider:

  • The weather – On cooler spring days, thicker fabrics prevail; think denim and sweatshorts. As summer begins, you can switch to lighter athletic and printed shorts for more comfort.
  • The occasion – Heading to the beach? Something shorter and more lightweight will serve you well. Meeting friends at the bar? A more structured option, like a chino or a denim short, will be your friend.
  • Your body type – Sizing and fit come down to personal preference, but there are some rules of thumb you can use. If you have slim legs, looser-fitting shorts can provide some volume. If you have larger quads, tighter short shorts may be your thing.

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With these summer shorts styling tips, you’ll be ready when the mercury starts to rise. All that’s left to do is pick out your next favorite pair of shorts.

At mnml, we’ve curated an array of streetwear shorts for every occasion. Whether you’re into denim or sweatshorts, you’ll find your match here. Shop for your perfect pair today.


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