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What to Wear to a Music Festival: 3 Outfit Ideas
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What to Wear to a Music Festival: 3 Outfit Ideas

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Half the fun of a music festival is dressing for the occasion. Sure, the artists are the main draw. And no one’s complaining about spending a weekend in the sun with friends.

But the music festival fashion part is equally exciting. For celebrities, events like Coachella are as much about the looks as they are about the music.

Festivals offer you an opportunity to express yourself and wear anything you want. They’re a chance to dust off those floral men’s tops and neon shorts and let loose for a few days.

Wondering exactly what to wear to a music festival? This guide will prepare you for a well-dressed day full of photo ops, food trucks, and your favorite bands.

How Do People Dress for Music Festivals?

The theme at most festivals is “Anything Goes.” You’ll see everything from 80s-inspired outfits and Y2K streetwear to hippie gear and modern nightclub looks. It’s truly the Wild West of fashion.

For the more casual man who doesn’t own a cape, some staple music festival pieces include:

  • Jean shorts
  • Patterned sweat shorts
  • Short sleeve button ups
  • Graphic tees
  • Track pants
  • Bucket hats

Of course, there are no rules that you have to wear anything specific to a music festival. Want to wear a simple tee and jeans? No problem. Prefer to party in athletic shorts and a tank top? Do your thing. You don’t have to dress up at all—but you won’t look out of place if you do.

Essential Tips for Festival Wear

Whatever your personal style is, you can’t just focus on looking good. Music festivals are full-day affairs. If you want to enjoy yourself, it’s worth dressing smart. Here are some tips:

  • Prioritize breathable pieces – Between the midday sun and the sweaty crowds, music festivals are hot. If you want to last the whole day, wear light, breathable clothes that keep you cool. As a bonus, lightweight pieces are easy to pack—perfect for when you’re flying or road-tripping to a festival.
  • Keep comfort in mind – Show-stopping festival fashion moments are awesome for your Instagram feed, but you need to be able to wear your outfit all day. Try not to place style over comfort—trust us.
  • Bring layers – When the first act goes on at 2 pm, it’s blistering hot. But by the time the headliner starts at 11, the sun goes down, and the temperature drops. You can stay comfortable the whole time by packing a light jacket or sweater in your bag.
  • Wear sturdy shoes –  As tempting as it may be to rock sandals in the sun, resist the urge. You’ll be on your feet all day, so supportive shoes are your best bet. Plus, shoes are easier to style than flip-flops. Put on a pair of chunky running shoes or classic black sneakers in the morning, and your feet won’t hate you at the end of the night.

3 Music Festival Outfits for Men

When it comes to music festival outfits, men have the freedom to experiment. Now is the time to pull out those wardrobe pieces you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Don’t have anything standout? Here are some looks you can likely pull together using what you have on hand.

1. Statement Graphic Tees with Denim Shorts

A music festival is a place to be loud, and nothing attracts attention like an eye-catching graphic tee. A band shirt is the obvious choice; pair your favorite artist tee with faded blue denim shorts and some comfortable hightops, and you’ll be set. For a standout look, try denim on denim for men, combining a graphic tee with a denim jacket and matching shorts. 

If you don’t own any concert shirts (and we can’t blame you, they’re expensive), reach for any graphic tee that suits you. For another trendy option, consider men’s jean short outfits by throwing an off-white graphic tee over your shredded black denim shorts. 

2. Layering with Flannels and Overshirts

Want something more low-key? Those flannels in your closet will do nicely, especially for cool-weather spring festivals and late-night DJ sets.

A lightweight flannel under a jean jacket is the perfect casual look for a late-night festival slot. Pair it with some black denim pants and your favorite sneakers, and you’re ready for the evening.

If you’d rather have the flannel as the star, go for a flannel jacket and throw on a plain white tee underneath. Complete the look with some light-wash denim jeans and a pair of tennis shoes.

3. Printed Short Sleeve Shirts with Neutral Shorts

Nothing says “festival” quite like a colorful patterned button up. Printed short sleeve shirts are your best friend in the summer sun; you can easily wear them open during summer nights. 

For example, a leopard print short sleeve shirt is iconic in a festival setting. Match it with plain black shorts and running shoes for a party-ready music festival outfit.

Florals are another festival staple. Toss on a tropical print button up along with streetwear shorts in a matching color, and you’ll look like you hit musical festivals every week.

Accessorizing for Music Festivals

As always, the clothes themselves are only part of the picture. It’s what you wear with your clothes—the accessories—that complete a concert outfit.

At music festivals, the best accessories aren’t just fashionable. They’re also practical. Must-have accessories for a festival include:

  • Sunglasses – You came to actually see the artists, right? Then you’ll need a pair of sunglasses. A stylish set of shades protects your eyes and helps you stand out from the crowd. Aviator-style sunglasses are a music festival classic, but any variety will work—as long as it matches your outfit.
  • Hats – Like shades, hats are part fashion statement, part protective gear. Whether you prefer a bucket hat, a trucker cap, or a floppy sun hat, you’ll be glad to have some portable shade when the sun starts beating down.
  • Jewelry – A strategic piece of jewelry or two can turn your everyday wardrobe into a festival-ready fit. Depending on your style, you could rock a pearl bracelet, a simple silver chain, or a studded belt.
  • Bags – The right bag looks great and gives you a place to put your wallet, sunscreen, and sweater for later. Reach for a colored fanny pack that matches your monochromatic look, or opt for a classic black bag if you need to carry more. (Just be sure to check the festival’s requirements before you leave, as some events only allow see-through bags on the grounds.)
  • Hydration packs – They may not be the most stylish accessories, but hydration packs are practical. Having easy access to water at all times is one of the keys to surviving a music festival. Most events have filling stations, so you can bring your pack in empty and fill it throughout the day.Get Festival-Ready with mnml

If you’re stressing about what to wear for your upcoming music festival, don’t. As we said, anything goes. Whether you prefer to rock a graphic tee and shorts or a loose-fitting flannel with jeans, you can easily create a look that stands out.

Need a few final pieces to tie your festival wardrobe together? We’ve got what you’re looking for. The mnml collection is full of festival favorites for everyone.

Finish up your festival looks with our pieces, then get out there and enjoy the sun, the snacks, and the songs. You’ll have a great time—and you’ll look great, too.