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How to Style an Oversized Shirt (7 Ways)
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How to Style an Oversized Shirt (7 Ways)

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The oversized shirt has secured its place in contemporary fashion as a versatile staple. A baggy shirt can look effortlessly cool with thoughtful styling. It pairs well with different types of jeans and outerwear. Let’s explore the diverse ways to style an oversized shirt, featuring top picks from our team. We design pieces comparable in quality to luxury labels but at accessible price points.

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1. Pair with Denim Skinny Jeans

A crisp oversized white shirt tucked into denim skinny jeans is a timeless look. Explore our X denim collection that has various denim washes and prints to personalize this outfit. Take the C162 Skinny Denim: it features extended inseam for stacking and tasteful distressing. It’s the perfect contrast to an oversized tee or button-down.

2. Layer with an Undershirt

Layering isn't just for the colder months; it's a year-round effort. Knowing how to layer clothes for seasonal changes can help extend your wardrobe’s life. For colder seasons, a fitted turtleneck or streetwear hoodie under your oversized shirt adds depth to your outfit. Choose contrasting colors for a visually appealing look. 

3. Have the Shirt Stick Out Under a Hoodie

For a laid-back, urban vibe, let the hem of your oversized shirt peep out from under a hoodie. Our outerwear clothing selection features hoodies, crewnecks, and knits that pair well with an oversized shirt. You can either go monochromatic or use a white undershirt to create contrast.

4. Wear Cargo Pants for an Extra Oversized Look

Want to wear a more relaxed style? Pair your oversized shirt with cargo pants for an outfit that's both stylish and functional. The extra pockets enhance the utilitarian look and add extra body to your outfit. Usually, oversized shirts that end at the zipper can help you achieve the baggy look without drowning in fabric.

5. Tuck Into Slim-Fit Pants

Trousers and chino pants can be worn outside of the office. Tuck an oversized shirt into a pair of pinstripe pants that’s relaxed fit throughout. You can still get the baggy look with pants that have stacked features. Finish the outfit with a statement belt to bring attention to the top portion of your outfit.

6. Pair with Denim Shorts

When the temperature rises, denim shorts and an oversized tee are the go-to outfit. The casual look is perfect for beach days or weekend errands, offering both comfort and style. You can layer a print button up shirt to add color to your outfit.

7. Go Monochrome with Black-on-Black

A black shirt tucked into black straight leg jeans or wide-leg pants is timeless. This styling option exudes sophistication and is an excellent way to showcase the high-quality fabric and craftsmanship of mnml pieces.

Back to Basics with mnml

Knowing how to wear an oversized shirt is the first step to creating a street style look. Each outfit idea presented here opens up new avenues for you to experiment. At mnml, we're committed to providing quality clothes from denim jeans to streetwear shirts. Shop our extensive collection of streetwear in various fits and styles.