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How to Layer Clothes for Men: 4 Tips

How to Layer Clothes for Men: 4 Tips


Transitional seasons are all about layering. From fall to winter or winter to spring, layered looks can add visual interest to your outfit. Discover men’s fall outfit ideas to see what’s trending this season.

Before you throw on any oversized crewneck sweatshirt from your closet, you should consider: are there any rules for layering clothes men should know?

There are a few key techniques to layering clothes in a way that creates a balanced, intentional look. From basics to accessories, review this guide on how to layer clothes for a streetwear fit.

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Mastering the Art of Layering Clothes for Men

If you’re new to layering, coordinating multiple pieces of clothing can feel daunting. But with a few wardrobe staples, it’s easy to pair clothing items together.

Understanding the Basics of Layering

When it comes to the foundation of layering, start with this blueprint:

  • The base layer
  • The middle layer
  • The outer layer

As you curate your layered wardrobe, think about selecting versatile pieces that can be easily varied to create a range of looks. Start with your textiles. Cotton, flannel, corduroy, and denim are all on the menu for a well-layered look. By having a few high-quality staples in your closet, the layering job nearly does itself.

Building the Perfect Base Layer

The first—and possibly most important—layer in your ensemble is the base layer. The base layer maintains the body temperature you want, and it sets up the structure for the rest of the outfit.

When weighing your options, consider the base layer’s fabric. Lighter fabrics such as cotton are ideal because they’re better at regulating your body temperature (in case those second and third layers are heavier). Cotton is also flexible and breathable, so it can keep you comfortable without adding tons of bulk.

Here are a few of our favorite options for base layers:

  • The classic tee – Don’t put your tees away after summer wraps up. Simple cotton tees in a neutral color like cream or black are the perfect base layer for a chill daily look. If you want a tee that makes a statement, go for a streetwear graphic tee.
  • The long-sleeved Henley – Long-sleeved Henleys are a staple in streetwear. With its trademark neckline, timeless style, and comfortable quality, a Henley adds panache and character to any fit. If you’re dressing for colder weather, you can add even more warmth with a relaxed Henley crewneck.
  • The lightweight sweater – Elevate your streetwear with a lightweight sweater. Neutral colors like camel, deep brown, burgundy, and mustard are perfect for fall. A brown paisley knit sweater, for example, can be dressed up or down.

Adding Dimension With Middle Layers

Your middle layer adds structure, warmth, and style. Middle layers welcome creativity, so don’t be afraid to put your own unique spin.

Try these middle layers on:

  • Cardigans – Add a touch of sophistication to your outfits. A distressed monochrome cardigan provides just enough edge to make things interesting. In contrast, a multicolored leopard-print cardigan becomes a focal point, especially if you’re wearing an understated base layer.
  • Vests – Opting for a vest is the go-to option if you want to layer up without feeling constricted or overheating. An off-white cable knit vest matches easily with a dark neutral long-sleeve tee.
  • Thick sweaters – Try a Sherpa pullover sweater to maximize comfort, warmth, and style. A Sherpa pullover in a neutral olive green hue matches almost any outfit. The soft Sherpa fabric gives you enough flexibility to wear a jacket over top or go without one.

Enhancing Style and Warmth with Outer Layers

The outer layer combines practicality and style. Out of any layer, it shows the most, so choose outer layers you want to show off.

Check out these go-to outer layers in street style:

  • The bomber jacket – Bomber jackets like the teddy jacket check the boxes in warmth, style, and visual interest in vintage-style corduroy. Add the white satin panels at the shoulders and pockets, and you’re dressed to impress without trying too hard.
  • The work jacket – Add structure to your fit with a khaki work jacket. The neutral tone and suede collar pair perfectly on top of a hoodie or a vintage graphic tee. If vintage is your vibe, go for the timeless vintage work jacket.

4 Styling Tips for Layering Clothes for the Ultimate Street Style

Take your new layering staples and style them with these expert tips.

  1. Mix textures – From denim and corduroy to twill and leather, no two textures are the same—and we prefer it that way. Combining multiple fabrics gives your look a distinct mood. Keeping it laid back? Opt for a jersey tee, cotton sweater, and jeans. Feeling edgier? Try a pair of corduroy pants, a vintage graphic tee, and a classic black leather jacket.
  2. Play with colors – In streetwear, traditional color-matching rules don’t apply. Your color palette is only limited by your creativity. Feel like pairing purple with green? Go for it. Want to look fresh in a head-to-toe monochrome? It’s all you.
  3. Utilize accessories – Half the job is accessorizing—especially in streetwear. In the fall and winter, go for a brown beanie. In the spring or summer, add a statement trucker cap. Accessories are your chance to make your streetwear style your own.
  4. Avoid over-bulking – There is such a thing as too many layers. You’ll occasionally need three or four. Other times, you’ll only need one. To avoid over-bulking, consider the weather conditions and your final destination while planning your look. If you’ll be inside most of the time, wear a removable top layer.

Layering for Different Occasions

Layering is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Here are some tips for layering depending on your plans:

  • Cold weather – If you’re dressing for cold weather, you can probably get away with three or more layers. (And it’s probably time to show off that new puffer jacket you’ve been waiting all year to wear.) Go for cardigans or zip-up hoodies underneath—items you can easily take off indoors.

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