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What Are the 10 Types of Jeans for Men?

What Are the 10 Types of Jeans for Men?


Jeans are an American staple known and worn the world over. What started as a practical piece of workman’s clothing during the California Gold Rush has become a fixture in nearly every person’s closet.

The elevation of denim to such ubiquity did not happen overnight. Jeans’ place in fashion culture has shifted throughout their existence. From workwear to casual comfort to grunge, and, now, to the most versatile fabric on the market, denim’s journey has not been a short one.

So where does that leave us today? Below are ten of the most important types of jeans for men to know how to incorporate into contemporary outfits.

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Classic Straight Fit Jeans

The simplest—but by no means the most uninteresting—style of jeans is the classic straight fit. This wardrobe standby, in its original blue form, is easily paired with most everyday shirts, shoes, and accessories.

Straight fit jeans are a blank canvas for accessories, relaxed tops, and layering quintessential to street style.

Slim Fit Jeans

Compared to the straight fit, slim fit jeans show more of your leg’s shape below the knee, but are largely similar in the seat and thigh.

These jeans are well suited for dressed-up settings where cleaner lines are desired, or for slender men looking to avoid an overly-baggy look.

Skinny Fit Jeans

One step beyond slim fit, skinny fit jeans are nearly skin-tight through the entire length of the leg. Skinny jeans are particularly subject to the whims of the fashion world, being embraced by niche corners of all kinds, but never truly going out of style. These jeans can be paired with anything from a t-shirt to a collared shirt and blazer.

An added bonus: the slim fit around the ankle helps statement shoes pop.

Loose Fit Jeans

Loose-fit jeans are ideal for comfort. Baggy denim pants can also be stylish when paired with a tucked-in polo or a fitted crewneck. The clean lines on the upper body in these outfits form a welcome contrast to the baggier fabric around the leg. Learn how to style baggy cargo pants to achieve the ultimate street style.

Flare Denim and Bootcut Jeans

As the name suggests, this style features a flared ankle, which makes room for chunky winter boots, work boots, army boots, or dress boots. Far from just a 70s throwback, flared denim jeans are another way to make your pants and your shoes work together.

Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans are flare denim’s exact opposite. These jeans narrow at the ankle, providing a clean line that emphasizes the calves and the footwear beneath. Wear tapered jeans to show off your new favorite sneakers or high socks.

Distressed Denim Jeans

Wear them long enough, and any pair of jeans will begin to show some wear and tear: rips in knees, fraying on the cuffs, and so on. Distressed jeans come with this feature built-in to give them that worn-in look.

Once popular among musicians and artists, distressed jeans have developed a wider appeal in recent years. Now, distressed denim is embraced everywhere from formal events to workplaces, and adds a hint of edge to any fit.

Colored Jeans

Jeans and “blue jeans” have been used as synonymous terms for decades. This concept is a historical relic left over from the prominence of the 19th-century indigo industry. But in the modern world, you can find jeans in almost any color. Colored jeans or graphic-printed jeans change up the status quo and express your style.

Washed Jeans

Variations in the washing process in denim production can create more hue variance in the color of your jeans. From so light they’re basically white to near-black dark tones, this diversity of color allows you to pick the perfect shade for your outfit.

Throw on some light-wash jeans with a white tee and white shoes for a fresh summer look. Or go dark and wear deep blue denim cargo pants and a printed or patterned top.

A Note on Designer Jeans

You can find most of the above jean styles as either mass-market or designer products. The difference between mass-market and designer is the level of craftsmanship and material quality built in. Designer jeans are, as the name suggests, carefully crafted by a fashion designer with high-quality materials to provide a luxury experience.

Designer jeans have a reputation for costliness and exclusivity. This is changing. At mnml, we combine the high standards and principles of designer clothing with the popular appeal and cutting-edge style of streetwear—without the designer price tag.

How to Choose the Right Jeans for You

Choosing the right jeans for you is up to personal preference. Some people prefer the feel or the fit of skinny jeans; others prefer tapered or loose fits. Even so, there are a few general guidelines for buying jeans based on your body type.

  1. Generally, more slender men should opt for slim or skinny jeans. These styles of jeans will comfortably fit without appearing overly baggy like other relaxed styles.
  2. Men with athletic or muscular builds should go for straight or bootcut jeans. These styles are a nice middle-ground that accentuate without drowning your physique. The classic straight-leg jean is a prime option in this category.
  3. Men with bigger waists or hips should take advantage of high-rise straight and loose-fit jeans. The higher waistline of high-rise jeans provides balance and comfort, allowing for a straight line from hip to ankle. The straight and loose fit denim provides comfort and avoids restriction.

These tips are just suggestions or starting points. The best jeans for you are the jeans that make you feel comfortable and fresh. Whatever style that may be, mnml has you covered. Regardless of your body type, mnml’s inclusive sizing is designed to fit a wide range of body types, so that you can feel good in your jeans.

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