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How to Style Baggy Clothes for Men

How to Style Baggy Clothes for Men (5 Tips)


You’ve probably already seen it on the street, but we’re going to confirm it: Baggy clothes are in. Maybe it’s because most of us spent 2020 in sweatpants. Or maybe it’s because comfort is just as important as style.

The pillars of 90s and 2000s fashion are more popular than ever. From low-slung jeans to oversized sweaters, the baggy clothes style has been gaining traction since 2017 and now dominates the runways and the streets.

If you’ve grown used to the slim-fitting style of the 2010s, it can be tough to make the change to baggy outfits. Discover our style guides to learn how to style baggy jeans and an oversized shirt for more inspiration. To help you switch over confidently, we’ve put together some tips and outfit ideas for building and styling a loose-fitting wardrobe.

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1. Embrace the All-Baggy Look

If you’re going to go big, why not go all out? When it comes to baggy outfits, men can easily pull off the head-to-toe oversized look.

In casual settings, you can’t go wrong with a pair of every day vintage blue jeans with an oversized acid tee. Layer on a relaxed-fit hoodie or button-up Sherpa jacket for when the temperatures start dropping, and you’re ready for anything.

For something less informal, consider trading denim for a tan-colored work pant or this plaid baggy trouser made from lightweight polyester. Pair the former with a collared, relaxed-fit flannel, and the latter with a straightforward linen shirt, and you’ll be well-dressed for the office and happy hour.

2. Play with Contrast

Not into the baggy-on-baggy look? No problem. If you still want to incorporate oversized pieces into your everyday wardrobe, you can create contrast between tight- and loose-fitting pieces.

There are essentially two ways to do it:

Of course, if you want that contrasting look without having to buy a tight-fitting tee, you can tuck a loose-fitting basic tee into a baggy denim cargo pant for the same effect.

3. When in Doubt, Accessorize

Most baggy clothes tend to have a similar draping silhouette. Wear loose-fitting fits every day, and you could wind up looking the same throughout the week. Accessories can help shake things up.

A studded rhinestone statement belt, for example, creates a more distinctive silhouette that doesn’t interfere with the oversized look. Or, to continue with the idea of contrast, a pearl necklace or bracelet can add a touch of delicacy to an otherwise rugged fit.

And don’t forget about headwear. For more of an army-inspired look, try a chunky trucker hat (paired with a military waistcoat and olive cargo pants, we might suggest).

4. Find the Right Fit

Remember that there’s a difference between oversized and shapeless. Baggy shirts and pants still need to fit you well. When they don’t, you risk coming across as sloppy and underdressed.

Here’s what to look for if you are:

  • Tall – For taller guys, longer is usually better. Short, baggy garments, especially oversized shirts, can often look unintentionally “boxy.”

To guarantee the right fit, check sizing charts or, better yet, shop brands with a generous return policy so you can try pieces on and see how they feel.

With a heavy long-sleeve shirt or graphic tee, the seams on the sleeve should hit just below the shoulder, and the sleeve itself should be wider and sit lower than your average tee. Denim jeans and baggy shorts should fit relatively snug in the waist and stay wide along the entire leg.

5. Bring the Confidence

Ultimately, with enough confidence, you can wear anything. Even if you feel like you can’t pull off a baggy, oversized look, trust us—you can.

One of the best parts of the baggy style is that it suits every height, weight, and body type. As long as you buy pieces that inspire you, you can wear them in practically any situation, no matter who you are.

So, whether you’re eying a casual pair of bootcut sweatpants or some hunting camo denim pants, just try them on! And if it feels good, you’ll look good. Period.

Start Refining Your Baggy Wardrobe

With a little guidance, it’s easy to turn your oversized clothing into fashion-forward looks. Whether you prefer the all-baggy look, the “fitted top, baggy pant” approach, or something that blows the usual styles out of the water, the trend of baggy clothes is here to stay. It’s time to embrace it and start building out your capsule wardrobe.

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