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Men's Concert Attire Guide
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Men's Concert Attire Guide

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You saved the tickets to your Apple Wallet. You booked the hotel and made the pre-show dinner reservation. Only one thing left to do before you call the Lyft: Get dressed. 

No matter the type of show or time of year, looking fresh for a concert is part of the experience. It’s a chance to show off your style in a crowded room, impress your date, boost your confidence, or all of the above. Learning how to dress better for men doesn’t happen overnight, and we’re here to help.

Explore men’s concert attire and outfit ideas with the streetwear staples already in your closet. 

3 Concert Outfit Ideas for Indoor Venues

When it comes to indoor venues, you have the freedom to go all out with your style. 

You don’t have to worry about dressing for the weather. It’s an ideal opportunity to put together an evening fit that doesn’t require a bulky overcoat. 

Men’s oversized shirts, button-ups, and statement jackets are the go-to selections.

Classic Black Outfit

If the concert you’re attending is on the formal side, you can’t go wrong with a classic all-black look. 

On top, keep it simple with a relaxed Every Day II Tee, designed to fit well, breathe easy, and keep you comfortable. Alternatively, add some sophistication with our Cropped Woven Shirt, a relaxed button-up paired with black Baggy Trouser Pants or Straight Every Day Denim jeans. 

Statement Jackets

A quality jacket can take any outfit up a notch. If you consider your style subtle and understated, layering a statement jacket can add interest and make the look your own.

For a concert, streetwear jackets are ideal. It’s a layer you can remove if you get too warm, and throw back on for the after-party. Try the versatile Floral Trucker Jacket for a pop of color or make a statement with our Jewel Sherpa Jacket.

Streetwear Tee

The beauty of a streetwear tee is that it can always be dressed up or down. For concerts, this is exactly the flexible foundation we want. 

Our relaxed Bliss Tee is the quintessential graphic tee for the avid concert-goer, cool on its own and even better under a jacket. For a more neutral look, go for the Oversized Acid Tee, which features a dropped-shoulder design ideal for casual concerts and local shows. 

Outdoor Concert Wear

The open air brings a set of new possibilities, and a few challenges, to concert attire. 

If it’s chilly, you’ll want to prioritize a jacket that holds heat and compliments the rest of your outfit. If it’s the height of summer, breathable fabrics are the best choice.

The good news is, there are no wrong answers. Everything from your headwear to your footwear can add to a put-together ensemble. 

Denim Choices

When it comes to outdoor concert looks, denim is faultless. The material achieves an easy, lived-in look, breathes well, and is comfortable for sitting or standing. 

If it’s a lawn concert or anything in the country music vein, denim-on-denim is the moment. Slip our Corduroy Denim Trucker over top of a white tee and your favorite jeans in a similar wash. Don’t have a favorite pair of jeans yet? Try out the M524 Slim Stacked Denim for a versatile design that goes with everything.

Lightweight Jackets

No matter how many times you check the forecast beforehand, weather at outdoor venues is a mixed bag. Adding a lightweight jacket to your fit adds a layer of style, ties everything together, and keeps your tee from soaking through.

Stay comfortable in style by layering the Moto Trucker Jacket over your outfit. For something a little more sophisticated, the 100% cotton Leopard Work Jacket checks every box. 

Sunglasses and Hats

Let’s not forget that tops and bottoms don’t make an outfit on their own. Sunglasses and hats, especially for outdoor concerts, are key to your look. 

The In Love Trucker Cap is just right for shielding your face from the sun, and its retro graphic design pairs well with vintage outdoor concert looks. 

Festival Fashion

One of the most iconic aspects of music festivals is the fashion. The energetic atmosphere gives you permission to play around with new styles, especially in the summer. Get inspired by the latest men’s summer fashion outfits to prep for your next event.

Vibrant Prints and Patterns

Embrace the free-spirited concert culture that festivals are known for with a colorful look. 

Our Ombre Flannel Shirt is a fresh take on the classic flannel print, and no one ever complained about seeing a fresh Hawaiian shirt at a music festival.

Statement Accessories

Maximalism is encouraged at festivals. Hats, chains, belts, gloves—this is your chance to go big. 

Our A9 Quad Chain adds that little extra shine to your fit, along with an edgy Python Mixed Studded Belt

But if it’s us? We’re not leaving the house for a festival without the skeleton gloves.

Functional Bags

At a festival, you need to bring supplies, but you don’t want your hands to be so full you can’t move freely. 

Store your stuff in our Tie Dyed Backpack. With several compartments for storage, this bag is as functional as it is an accessory. 

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