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How to Style Flannels


"I can't wait until it gets colder so I can really start dressing."

The start of fall brings cooler weather and as we transition over from summer, it’s not quite time to dust off those heavy coats just yet. The flannel is the perfect middle ground.

Flannels come in all sorts of different patterns, colorways, and weights. Whether you’re in the snow-filled city of New York or brisk chilly streets of Los Angeles, there’s a flannel for every occasion.

Look 1: Keep it simple

Don’t overthink things. Nothing goes better with a flannel than a white tee. Our Classic Flannel Shirt features a traditional fit and is constructed with a cotton plaid woven fabric. Pair this with our Every Day II Tees for a timeless look.

If things get a little too plain for your liking, just add some accessories. The A1 Double Chain & Painter Trucker Cap will add a touch of flair to your everyday attire.

Look 2: Layer up

Flannels come in a variety of fabrics, both heavy and lightweight. One of our community favorites includes the Heavyweight Woven Flannel. Made from a custom loose weave plaid fabric, you’ll find it hard to find anything similar on the market.

Our custom fabric means that this flannel is thick enough to wear as a jacket. When it starts hitting 50° throw it over our Every Day Hoodie to stay cozy while looking good. Finish your look with our new D152 Cargo Straight Denim and pair of crispy whites.

Look 3: Date night

Time to bring out the boots - it’s date night and you can’t wear sneakers to every occasion. If you haven’t dabbled already, the Harness Chelsea Boot is the perfect gateway into the look. To keep the streetwear vibe, throw on our Heavyweight Raw Edge Flannel. As the name suggests, this flannel features raw edges throughout to create a unique silhouette.

There are so many ways to round out this outfit. Keep it classic with a pair of X43 Skinny Denim, channel your inner Carti with a pair of M134 Leather Pants, or throw it all the way back with a pair of Flares.