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How to Dress Better: Men's Guide
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How to Dress Better: Men's Guide to Finding Your Personal Style

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Fashion is self-expression. So if you’re asking yourself how to dress better, the question is, how do you want to express yourself?

If your current clothing choices aren't living up to your ideal style, there’s no better time to start investing in a men’s capsule wardrobe you genuinely love. 

Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to improve your personal style, collect garments that match your desired look, and start dressing like the best version of yourself. 

The Basics of Dressing Well

Discovering your personal style can be challenging for anybody, but men in particular are not always taught the basics of fashion and style. 

It’s easy to throw on whatever’s comfortable and head out the door. But dressing well isn’t synonymous with dressing comfortably—although they can coexist. 

If you’ve ever felt the boost of confidence that comes with wearing a choice outfit for a special occasion, then you know how powerful intentional fashion choices can be. 

You don’t need to earn a degree in men’s fashion to start dressing well. You just need to grasp the basics. First, pay close attention to two key factors that can improve your looks: cut and silhouette. 

#1 Cut

The cut of a piece of clothing refers to its shape, and determines how it fits and lays on your body. 

Cut is the reason why one plain white tee can look entirely bland and unimpressive, while a different shirt in the same style can hang in just the right way, making the wearer look incredible. 

You could have a closet full of incredible items, but if those garments aren’t the right cut for your body, the style probably won’t feel too self-expressive or personal to you.

From sharp and angular to soft and fluid, from slim and form-fitting to baggy and relaxed, try on different cuts of clothing to see what suits you best, both for your body shape and what you feel confident in. 

#2 Silhouette

If cut determines the shape, the silhouette is the shape. From tight and sleek to boxy and oversized, the silhouette of an item or outfit evokes the mood. This is where style comes forward.

The key to finding the right silhouettes for your personal style is to consider what works best with your body type and fashion sense. 

To build a long and lean silhouette, pair the S/S Button Up Shirt with slim trousers like our Pinstripe Drawcord Pants. Constructed from custom-developed fabric and finished with welt pockets and vertical pinstripes, these pants draw the eye upward to lengthen the overall silhouette.

For a more relaxed, boxy, or even oversized silhouette (which plays well in streetwear styles), choose a Classic Flannel Shirt with Vintage Double Knee Pants, for example.

How to Develop Personal Style

Understanding the different cuts and silhouettes you can achieve with clothing is like getting acquainted with spices before you start cooking. With the basics down, you can start building.

This is the exploratory part of finding your style—and yes, it should be fun.

  • Find inspiration – Style isn’t made in a vacuum. Nobody’s personal style is entirely devoid of outside inspiration. Start painting the picture of the different styles you’d like to be known for by studying the fashion choices of celebrities or people who you think look good. 
  • Keep it simple – With fashion, the saying that less is more often rings true. While complex patterns, loud graphics, and brand logos can look good in moderation, reducing the prevalence of these features in your fashion can help you graduate to a more mature look. 
  • Start with the classics – If you have no clue where to begin, start with the basics, like men’s tops, button-ups, and denim jeans. Once you’ve mastered the classics, you can feel more comfortable when going for a bolder pattern or brighter shirt.

If you’re in need of a few wardrobe staples for your closet, we carry:

  1. A versatile pair of pants, like our Baggy Trousers in Khaki
  2. A basic pair of blue jeans, like our D549 Straight Denim
  3. A plain white tee, like our soft cotton Every Day II Tee

4 Fashion Tips for Dressing Better

Here are four quick tips to give you a headstart on upping your personal style: 

  1. Choose versatile items – It can be tempting to reach for that out-there item that catches your eye. But before buying, consider how well the piece can truly pair with the clothing you already own. Classic, versatile garments are great because they’ll let you mix and match.
  2. Pair trendy with classic – For every one trendy item you wear, pair it with one or two classic items. A balanced and sophisticated wardrobe has both trendy and classic pieces. 
  3. Shop in your closet – Before you go out and spend your paycheck on an all-new wardrobe, shop in your closet first. Play around with the clothes you already have to find which combos work best. Once you feel comfortable constructing cohesive outfits from the items you own, you’ll know what to look for in the store.
  4. Evolve your style gradually – Instead of making drastic style changes, allow your fashion sense to evolve naturally and gradually. This way, you can discover new styles you like over time without rendering half your closet irrelevant overnight.

Above all else, don’t forget that finding your personal style should be enjoyable. If you don’t allow yourself to genuinely enjoy the process of developing a personal style and dressing better, the resulting victory can’t be as sweet.

Establish Your Personal Style with mnml 

New year, new decade, or just a new day—you don’t need a grand occasion to explore your personal style. 

Grasping the basics of style, doing a little bit of research, and investing in high-quality garments are the simple steps on how to dress better. 

At mnml, we’re committed to making elevated streetwear clothing options accessible. Shop our full online collection to step into your new style.